Pelasgios Oinos

RED SWEET VARIETY Pelasian Wine Variety: Black Muscat A varietal wine with an attractive, youthful rose color and iodized highlights. A feast of seven aromas and flavors of Turkish delight, sweet rose, frankincense and notes of ripe cherries against a background of jam, caramel and nutmeg.Medium body with a pleasant sweet long aftertaste.An imaginative aromatic […]

Organic Grape Syrup

100% pure concentrated grape Syrup, made from dry vineyards of Anemotia Lesvos.Concentrated via slow boiling providing a caramelized taste. It is a certified organic product, which does not contain additions (preservatives, colorings, sugar) and can be sustained for a long period of time outside the refrigerator.It has thick texture, sweet and aromatic taste, it is […]